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Gaining Support, Hearing the Buzz, Feeling the Love

MusicScoreSo many friends, old and new, are talking about this year’s Chi-Town Jazz Festival Supporting Hunger Relief in Chicago. We know they are planning to meet on one or more of the evenings for a good time and some seriously fine music. And we are so grateful to the businesses and individuals who have already stepped up as Sponsors and Donors. This is an exciting time and we are working hard to make it the best year, both musically and financially, ever. Keep buzzing. Help spread the word about supporting our mission. As the music plays and you look around – knowing why everyone is there –  you’ll feel the love too.

Starting Where We Left Off

The 4th Annual Chi-Town Jazz Festival Supporting Hunger Relief in Chicago starts two weeks from tonight! We’ll open this year where we closed last year, at Martyrs on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. The Rob Clearfield Quintet, the Aaron Koppel Quartet, and IndogoSun are set to perform with opening music supplied by Glenbrook South Jazz bands. Music begins at 7:30 sharp. How exciting will it be? Here’s a photos of the scene last year.

photo of jazz musicians at Martyrs in Chicago
One of the great jazz bands at Martyrs last year included Chris Siebold and Psycles with Tim Fox on bass, Ben Lewis also on keys, Aaron McEvers on sax, and Ingrid Graudins vocals.

Here is a complete listing of Artists and Venues for this year. See you there.

The 2013 Chi-Town Jazz Festival

Hello and welcome to our site. We hope you will be as excited as we are about the lineup of musicians and variety of locations taking part in this year’s festival. Come join us for some great music and, in the process, help us tackle the serious growing problem of hunger in our city.

Founded in 2010, the Chi-Town Jazz Festival is the jazz community’s annual effort to support hunger relief in Chicago. Music clubs and concert halls donate their venues, musicians in the jazz community donate their talents, and our our organizing, creative and fundraising committees donate their time. We raise financial support from Chicago area businesses, corporations and individuals which is donated to well recognized, established entities including Catholic Charities. This year we will be including Care For Real, an impressive food pantry in Edgewater that has been in operation since 1970.

The dates for this year’s 4th Annual Chi-Town Jazz Festival are March 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 and 22. Venues will include Andy’s Jazz Club, Symphony Center, The Jazz Showcase, Green Mill, Martyr’s, Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel, and Sheil Catholic Center at Northwestern University. Learn about these generous venues on our Artists and Venues page. We will also be adding details shortly about participating musicians with links to their sites. Many will be returning for a second, third and fourth year. Friend us on Facebook to stay informed.

Details of the benefits to you or your company for contributing to and even becoming a sponsor of the Festival are on our Sponsors and Donors page.

We are especially proud to note that our nationally and internationally known founder, John Moulder –  guitarist, composer, teacher and priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago – is the featured artist in the January/February cover story of Chicago Jazz Magazine.

Plans are well underway for the 2013 Chi-Town Jazz Festival Supporting Hunger Relief in Chicago. We hope you will keep track as we finalize the details and look forward to seeing you when the Festival begins.

quote by John Moulder about jazz