Pack The Houses

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Crowded Green Mill during Ch-Town Jazz Festival

Many thanks to Chicago Tribune’s Howard Reich for his article about the history and story of this year’s Festival which starts this Sunday, 3/5. Here are a few paragraphs. For the complete article click here.

“Initially, the idea was that we were in very difficult economic times with the (financial) downturn,” adds Moulder.

“So I don’t know if there was a number of years that I was considering doing this. But I certainly wanted this to assist people during that particularly difficult time period.

“Although it doesn’t seem that has let up entirely. There always seems to be a need, so we’re trying our best to keep things going.”

Remarkably, Moulder has done this without staff or salaries. The importance of the cause and the credibility of the event’s founder inspired musicians and club owners to do their part. By just the second year of the festival, Moulder was bringing in out-of-town musicians who had heard of his unusual jazz offering and volunteered to be involved.”

“What’s Moulder’s objective this time around?

“Probably the same as previous years,” he says. “Pack the houses.””