Where Donations Go: Spotlight on Top Box Foods

Top Box Foods Logo

Co-founders Chris and Sheila Kennedy have been passionate advocates for the promotion of healthy food accessibility for more than two decades. Top Box Foods is a non-profit organization with a simple purpose: to offer delicious, nutritious, high-quality foods at affordable prices, particularly to people living in areas with limited access to healthy eating options. By partnering with neighborhood churches, community centers, Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Housing Authority, the Housing Authority of Cook County and more, Top Box Foods is able to reach a critical mass of people in need of cost-effective healthy eating options and their foods are an average of 40% off of the cost of grocery store equivalents. Top Box Foods offerings include boxes of farm fresh vegetables and fruits, USDA Choice meats, poultry, and fish, pre-made low-calorie frozen dinners,and all the fixings for well rounded meals. A greater focus on balanced nutrition reduces the obesity and diabetes related illnesses that plague low income neighborhoods. Healthier people make stronger communities. One forkful at a time, Top Box Foods is making a difference.

See a video about what Top Box Foods is and what they do here. Please visit their web site for more information.