X. B. at Andy’s

Here’s a complete performance and venue schedule for the entire Festival.

The Xavier Breaker Coalition will play on 3/6 at Andy's Jazz Club
The Xavier Breaker Coalition will play on 3/6 at Andy’s Jazz Club.

Born and raised in South Carolina, drummer, composer, and arranger, Xavier Breaker, has been playing the drums since the age of five, playing for various groups and venues. The Xavier Breaker Coalition can be described as a versatile group, with each of its members coming from different musical backgrounds ranging from gospel to R&B, rock, jazz, hip hop, classical and other different genres to form a unique sound. They can be described as being smooth and sensitive, as well as aggressive and powerful at the same time. They are not named the Coalition for no reason, for they are on a mission to uplift, inspire, heal, and take people on a journey to places where they have never been through the gift of music.

The Xavier Breaker Coalition will perform for the Chi-Town Jazz Festival on Thursday, 3/6, at Andy’s Jazz Club on 11 E Hubbard St. See you there?

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