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Time Out To Celebrate Q

We pause very briefly today to note and celebrate the 80th birthday of Quincy Jones. As posted by one of our media sponsors, the Jazz Institute of Chicago, “Happy 80th birthday to Quincy Jones (pictured at sunset concert of #JazzDay at the UN 2012). We salute Q as a man of vision and integrity and a constant advocate to spread the Gospel of Jazz. Named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century, Quincy Jones was born on March 14, 1933, in Chicago and brought up in Seattle.

“For far too long, dating back to the emergence of Jazz and the Blues, our country has treated its only indigenous music as something unworthy of value because it was born on plantations and reared in jook joints. But the power that it possessed was mighty. From the time that I first traveled abroad as a 19 year-old trumpeter with Lionel Hampton in 1951 to being the music director for Dizzy Gillespie’s State Department Tour in 1956 — the first United States sponsored goodwill tour — to the unifying power of “We Are The World” in 1985, I witnessed firsthand the transformational effects of our Gospel, Blues and Jazz, and its ability to transcend geographic and cultural boundaries.” Quincy Jones”Quincy Jones

The Trumpet Case Raffle Station

Raffle tickets for $25 sold briskly last night at Martyrs’. Jazz lovers attending the opening night of the 4th Annual Chi-Town Jazz Festival Supporting Hunger Relief in Chicago, mixed charity with their love of music as they entered to win two tickets to a 5-Concert Subscription to the 2013-14 Symphony Center Presents Jazz Series. All the money goes to help feed the hungry through Edgewater’s Care For Real and Catholic Charities. Cash, checks and credit card payments were received. The winner will be drawn by the Festival’s Founder/Director, John Moulder, at Symphony Center on March 22 where the Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour: 55th Anniversary Celebration takes place. Look for the trumpet case raffle station tonight at the Jazz Showcase or the other venues participating this week. Locations, times, ticket info here. CSO_Jazz Series Sign

Young Lions

That’s what the late Von Freeman called them. Never “newbies.” More like Future Jazz All Stars.

photo of young jazz musicians playing in a club.
The St. Charles Jazz Band played at Jazz Showcase.

Our Festival has always supported up and comers.

photo of young jazz musicians performing in a club.
The Jake Sucher Combo playing at Martyrs’.

This year, this week, we’ll be featuring some outstanding young musicians. Tuesday, March 12, the Glenbrook South Jazz Ensemble and Lab Band will open our program at Martyrs’ starting at 7:30. On Wednesday, March 13, Lyons Township High School Jazz Ensemble and the Merit School Honors Jazz Combo will open for us at the Jazz Showcase starting at 7:00. Details.

“Young Lions.” Well named.



Gaining Support, Hearing the Buzz, Feeling the Love

MusicScoreSo many friends, old and new, are talking about this year’s Chi-Town Jazz Festival Supporting Hunger Relief in Chicago. We know they are planning to meet on one or more of the evenings for a good time and some seriously fine music. And we are so grateful to the businesses and individuals who have already stepped up as Sponsors and Donors. This is an exciting time and we are working hard to make it the best year, both musically and financially, ever. Keep buzzing. Help spread the word about supporting our mission. As the music plays and you look around – knowing why everyone is there –  you’ll feel the love too.

Starting Where We Left Off

The 4th Annual Chi-Town Jazz Festival Supporting Hunger Relief in Chicago starts two weeks from tonight! We’ll open this year where we closed last year, at Martyrs on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. The Rob Clearfield Quintet, the Aaron Koppel Quartet, and IndogoSun are set to perform with opening music supplied by Glenbrook South Jazz bands. Music begins at 7:30 sharp. How exciting will it be? Here’s a photos of the scene last year.

photo of jazz musicians at Martyrs in Chicago
One of the great jazz bands at Martyrs last year included Chris Siebold and Psycles with Tim Fox on bass, Ben Lewis also on keys, Aaron McEvers on sax, and Ingrid Graudins vocals.

Here is a complete listing of Artists and Venues for this year. See you there.